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Love ♥ Salad

a pro-Sakuno, crack shipping community

Love Salad
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a pro-Sakuno, crack shipping community

This Prince of Tennis community was originally created for fans of Ryuuzaki Sakuno crack pairings.

A crack pairing/ship is a couple (maybe threesome or foursome?) that one can rarely ever find around. In relation to this, from the TeniPuri series, the most common Sakuno pairing is RyoSaku (Echizen Ryoma/Ryuuzaki Sakuno); and since there is quite an abundance of fanfiction, art, graphics and others related to this ship already, we decided to form a community that would pave the way for exploring other possibilities.

Have you ever wondered what kind of couple Kirihara and Sakuno would make? What about Atobe and Sakuno? The members of this comm, if you choose to let them, may very well inspire you to try something new.

[VERSION 0.2] love_salad is now not only a community dedicated to Sakuno crack pairings, but also one that promotes Ryuuzaki Sakuno in general. We don't think this needs to be said anymore, but for the stray lurker: clearly, Sakuno-bashers are not welcome here.
One of the ideas we came up with for love_salad version.2 is that we hold monthly challenges for our members, to keep them interested and to exercise their respective talents and skills. The most common of which are the fanfiction challenges and exchanges, though you'll also find the occasional fanart/icon challenge.

*For the comm's grand reopening, we would like to host a somewhat late Christmas/New Year Sakuno Fanfiction Exchange. Details may be found here.
*Another idea is an every two-week Sakuno crack pair challenge. We choose a pair and may even give you a prompt, then you submit a nice drabble for everyone to read. This may include voting and a prize for the winner--likely a personalized banner. Since this will happen in the span of 2-3 weeks, we will also give a 300-500 minimum word count.
*Past challenges and their details may be found here.

2008 Challenges
December - Drabble Challenge (fanfiction)
theme: TBA, pairing: any, maximum word count: 500

2009 Challenges
January - Christmas/New Year Exchange (fanfiction/fanart)
February - Favorite Sakuno Crack Pairing Challenge (fanfiction)
March -
April -
May -
June -
01. Sakuno crack pairs please! This community is centered on Sakuno crack pairs (yuri included); therefore, a lengthy discussion on why Ryoma and Sakuno should be together will be promptly deleted. For such topics, a more suitable comm would be _ryosaku.
*Fanfiction containing RyoSaku elements will be allowed though, as long as the main ship is still a crack pair. Multi pairings are allowed just as well, as long as the pairing you focus on is Sakuno/someone other than Ryoma.
*We are simply promoting other Sakuno pairs (and Sakuno herself) here, and are not trying to bash RyoSaku in any way.

02. Respect each other. We may not always agree with one another, that's a given. But just because you don't fancy a pairing or opinion another member does, doesn't give you the right to bash it or said person. Flame wars are a definite no-no; constructive debates are welcome. You will be warned if we catch you flaming and you may be banned if you ignore the warning.

03. Lj cut is your friend. Kindly use lj cut for your fanfiction (even if it's a drabble) and fanart. Any more than 3 icons in a post are recommended this function as well.

04. What's mine is yours? Please avoid posting fanart from Japanese websites, unless the original artist has given you permission. In relation, if you post fanfiction that isn't yours please credit the author. We genuinely look up to those who share good stories by their friends with the rest of the comm.

05. Chatspeak is the spawn of the devil. Grammar and spelling shows you're making an effort, and are just as well educated. So please, no typing LyK Dis!!1!

06. Introductions are welcome, while offerings are appreciated.

07. Any problems with another member or even a mod? Well, this is why there are three of us. 8D Please contact kirisaku, whitelilies22 or starianprincess if you'd care to share. Don't worry, we don't bite.
When posting in love_salad we hope that each member will be responsible for classifying his/her entry with tags. It won't take too much time to have a glimpse at our tag page, so that you more or less know how it's done. This will make it easier for everyone in general to look for things, and will also help us edit our Memories page when the time comes.

In addition, when posting fanfiction you may want to follow this simple format:
Title: For multi-chaptered stories, you may state which chapter you're at.
Author: You, of course! 8D
Pairing: You may cite the main pair and state if there are others?
Genre: romance, drama, humor, etc.
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17. Please give proper warning.
Summary: What is this story about? You may cite lines from the story as a teaser.
Notes: If you have written this story for someone, you may place a dedication here.
For artwork, you may use this too and make the necessary changes.
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